plus de 100mb app store

plus de 100mb app store

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I want to say I am still wondering why the Apple Community only provide the option to "Ask the question". . It doesn't work on my iPhone 7 Plus. Trying to download a large game or app using only your mobile data? . In iOS 11 the limit was increased from 100MB to 150MB, and in May 2019 it . Next, go to the App Store, find the item you want to download and tap the . You have the opportunity to override the limit of 100MB from the alert. I have not had the limit problem since I allowed cellular data access to the App Store. I also . Why there's a cutoff threshold for App Store downloads over cellular data isn't obvious. Yes . It might even be something like 100 MB instead. Any downloads from the App Stores and Apple's software update servers are extremely slow. Like 15 minutes to download a 100MB app. At work, these . Eventually I cancelled my Eero Plus subscription and the issue went away. level 1.


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